vendredi, octobre 22, 2004

time is not sold

time is what you mean in a process of ordering mentally and finding truth in ways.
here two levels: emergency and pleasure: necessity and wishes.
time ordering is not duration cost but interest in and emergency degree you take.
tasks: unuseful - accessoried - important - essential ?
order: procrastination - habits - hasard ?
stressing is in or special way fo working a lever to get fast. too is word for don't stop working you're paid for that crasy task and it never ends. But beginning by urgent things may be preferable than by affordable.
But from now , choices are ways for pertinency: activity: begin if enough processes for your surrounding.
Get time used for, transport duration and other facts: having latitudes to get an elastic time, one time to do that with that invisible time.

mercredi, octobre 06, 2004

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